Yubi - Illusionist camouflage
Yubi - Illusionist black with red stitching
Yubi - Road Warrior camouflage
Yubi - Road Warrior camouflage
Yubi-minimal black
Yubi-minimal camouflage

Tap the bottom for cash

Inspired by countless awkward cash exchanges using a traditional fat wallet. The Yubi wallet’s awesomely simple design offers a refreshing minimalist alternative to “old school” bulky wallets.

Yubi wallet features three unique wallet styles, offering invaluable benefits, including:

A streamlined, lightweight, small size, width and height
A front pocket sleeve for easy access to your favorite card
Durable, machine-washable material
A Smartphone tethering option
Magic Money Retrieval. Tap the bottom of the wallet and your cash bills pop out of the top! (Illusionist version)

1. “Yubi-Minimal”, offering a streamlined minimalist design.

2. “Yubi-Road Warrior” designed for the person who carries more than an average amount of cards.

3. And the “Yubi-Illusionist” with a unique cash sleeve that let’s you tap the bottom to reveal the cash.

Yubi wallet is funding on Kickstarter until October 18th.

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