Z Steps with Books by Adriaan Mellegers, Kalle Mattsson and Julia Born Record Sleeves by Kalle Mattsson
close up magnetic bars and coffee
Z Step with Fashion by Femke Agema and And Beyond
close up magnetic knops
magnetic coathanger
displaying shoes by Rosa Roozen and accessories by And Beyond
displaying Sunrise Lamp and models by Michael Schoner
configurations 1
configurations 2
configurations 3


Is a display system made from sheet metal based on steps of 33 x 33 x 33 cm. Two of these steps can be stacked and assembled in different ways. They form different spacial configurations.
There are magnetic bars, knobs and coat-hangers carved from beech wood to fix items on the Z Step. In this way it becomes easy and versatile to show any kind of item like books, magazines, shoes, clothes, accessories, or other kind of products.

dimension one step:
33 x 33 x 99 cm

all photos by Michael Schoner and Selina Parr

The Z step is currently been shown at Depot Basel at their current Craft and Scenography exhibition.

Depot Basel
Ort für kontemporäre Gestaltung
Schwarzwaldallee 305 (Erlenmattareal / BLG-Halle)
11. Juni – 11. Juli 2012