DADA-Photography-Efrat Kuper
BAUHAUS-Photography-Efrat Kuper
BAUHAUS2-Photography-Efrat Kuper
ROKO-Photography-Efrat Kuper
DECO-DANCE-Photography-Efrat Kuper
NOVO-Photography-Efrat Kuper
MEMPHIS-Photography-Efrat Kuper

MDF pieces, colored Formica, Solid wood and laminated wood.
Eli Chissick’s Solo exhibition “ZEMAYESH” opening on July 4th at the “Periscope Gallery” in Tel Aviv, is based on raw materials, discarded scrap collected from carpentries that becomes a starting point for creating new plates that are used to create unique pieces of furniture
Chissick transforms these seemingly useless leftovers into two dimensional plates rich with graphics and textures, which he then uses to create three-dimensional objects.
Through his personal interpretation Chissick brings to life iconic elements from different design periods, and gives an abstract interpretation to the past under names such as “Rocco”, “Dada”, “Bauhaus” and others..

Under the name “Bauhaus” – Chissick addresses the “nesting tables” by Joseph Albers. Through confining wild landscape born from wooden leftovers folded between frames, Chissick leaves his mark on the object and opens a dialog between his personal language and the familiar style and iconic object.