Dear Mocoloco team,

I would like to share with you about our new project:

Sofa Zeppelin:

Ukraine product designers Mukomelov ( www.mukomelov.com) proudly present you a sofa inspired by Ferdinand Zeppelin’s airship forms. It will bring a piece of the sky into any interior.
A contemporary dynamic shape sofa that may become an interior composition center.
Zeppelin is a soft lining sofa. Aero forms and framework structures of the airship named after a German inventor Ferdinand Zeppelin served the inspiration for the product.It is a framework structure with smooth lines and big radii you can rest on. Despite the fact that image of the sofa was taken from a rigid airship, the soft lining and internal filler shaping create soft effect.
The sofa will blend in a contemporary interior, creating its composition center.

All files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mitcw6vbuh888kf/My3PfaLHTY

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Aleksandr Mukomelov
Art-director Mukomelov Studio Ltd.