Zero Patina and Zero Aluminium
Zero Aluminium
Zero Aluminium pattern
Zero Aluminium close up
Zero Aluminium light pattern
Zero pendant light pattern
Zero pendant light
Zero Patina
Zero Patina pattern
Zero Patina pattern close up

Inspired by the airplane engines of the 1940’s, it combines the complexity of the radial engine pattern and the simplicity of its chassis.
Zero is made from two hand spun pieces of metal hold together by screws. The patterns are etched and secured using eyelets.
Zero comes in two finishes. Aluminium chassis, rusted patterns with brown fabric cable or rusted chassis, stainless steel patterns and linen fabric cable.
All the rusted parts are oxidized by hand giving each piece a unique outcome that slightly differs from the next.
The Zero collection can be used to create a lounge atmosphere or brighten a room by combining multiple pieces.