small benches and stools
big and small benches
cushion is connected to the footstool construction by the elastic rubber bands
big bench
has storage functions
can be used as magazine holder
closeup view
material and models

The benches and stools translate the beauty of a controlled drapery into a bigger dimension.
Wrinkles in upholstery products are often hidden by a complicate construction. The fabric should play against his rules and is used as a skin without any creases. Zieharsofika makes the wrinkles to its main topic.
It rethinks common upholstery technics and run uses conventional rubber foam mats which, with the help of elastic bands, come out as an ornamental form. The rectangular foam mat remains at a stretch and is only changed by layering and gathering it. Regarding to economy the construction is very simple, complicate pattern or single pieces are not used.
The cushions are fixed to the wooden foodstool construction just by their elastic rubber bands. Zieharsofika avoids a permanent connection of upholstery and wooden boards so the cushions can be changed after worn-out.