4 Ziggy coat rack
2 Ziggys ready to be installed
Ziggy loves heavy coats
Ziggy will look after all of your things
Ziggy works great in a bathroom
Ziggy loves to hold your devices
Zigy is this big

The Ziggy hook is a strong, modular coat hook that lets you create functional patterns on your walls!

Ziggy is a project that is very close to my heart. For a few years now, I have been designing and producing products through my design consultancy Autumn and my brand UNDER.
All of these products have been made in small batches and sold at a price that reflected that. I wanted to create a new product for the home that was inexpensive and multi-functional.

Ziggy is that product.
I am a big believer in the idea that design should be democratic and accessible.
Design should be beautiful and affordable. What’s the point of good design if only a few people get the chance to experience it?

Ziggy is made from folded steel, with a powder-coat finish. It’s designed to be super strong by itself and to allow for multiples to be used together to create a short or long run coat rack. They can be arranged in straight lines or in crazy patterns. Ziggys can even be offset to get twice the hooks into tight spaces!

Ziggy lets you hook things through it, hang things on it and even rest small objects on top. Ziggy is great in any room of your house and lets you add a touch of design to the smallest of spaces. Each Ziggy hook is mounted with 4 screws, so it can take almost anything you can hang on it!

Ziggy is powdercoated to soften the edges and provide a durable, hard wearing finish. This will help to protect knits and delicate fabrics. Ziggy is very easy to install. Each one comes with a template that lets you accurately mark out the screw positions and line up multiple hooks for a perfect unique pattern!