-Sorry my first submission was posted before I finished and then my computer was blocked… I want to add some photos. Thanks!-


My name is Sandra, I’m French and live in San Francisco for 2 years now.

I’ve designed the Zipillow, a fun couch made of 4 pillows with neon zippers convertible to bench, pouf, extra bed and more different positions.
The Zipillow can be use at home, in an office or everywhere else. It’s a great option if you need quickly a bed for a guest, or if you need more seats for your friends and family around a coffee table or it could be use simply to read a book!
My products are handmade and I sell them on Etsy. They are made to order to let people choose between 5 different fabrics (natural cotton, grey, purple, pink and green) and between 4 zipper colors (pink, orange, green and yellow).

I’ve just finished a fun stop motion video which presents the Zipillow. You can find it on the home page of the website: http://www.zipillow.com.

I hope you like it!

Have a great day.
PS: I saw your question below and I want to precise that my Zipillow was published in 2 blogs (one in germany, one in SF) with small visibility. So I hope this is not gonna stop you. Thanks!