Small potted plants grow up quickly. Plants bigger than the narrow pot is too stuffy. And roots can’t stretch more. This plant anticipate just a little bit of a much wider root in a flowerpot. And this ‘Zippot’ will grant the wishes of the plant to extend pot by opening zipper.

Many people who live in city want to cultivate plants in their house, balcony, or rooftop of building. When they want to seed more plants, and plants grow up they also need to buy a bigger pot or more pots. And many different kinds of pots look so confusing. So I want to design an extendable pot. To design my extendable pot, I selected a flexible material(waterproof cloth) and zipper. And there are some advantages of this pot. First, as it is made of cloth, the weight is light, and it won’t be broken even though you drop it. And you can move the pot easily as well. Second, if you want to remove the pot when the plants die or winter season is coming, you can fold it with the zipper. When you fold the pot, its size becomes smaller and you can make room to keep it. This Zippot will present freedom to plants, and comfort planting to people.


Small pot will expend with opening zipper. This zippot will present freedom to plants, and comfort planting to people.

concept illust.

original ver.