Who: G. Burt Lancaster founder and owner of Lancaster Resolve Technology. Has over 40+ years of experience in the high-tech industry generating multi-million dollar sales.

What: An aircraft grade aluminum, with magnet-hinge technology, exquisitely designed phone cradle that will allow you to safely and easily keep your phone in your car, desk or office.

How: We can submit personal/phone interviews, video and photo content or on-site shoots/interviews.

Why: It’s the sleekest designed phone cradle out there and it will allow you to use your smartphone without diminishing its own design.


Contact: Johanna Calderon-Dakin
Email: johannadakin@me.com
Tel: (310) 210-3198


LOS ANGELES, CA (SEPTEMBER 18, 2012) G. Burt Lancaster, reputed high-tech industry expert and founder of Lancaster Resolution Technology, has announced his innovative sleek aircraft-grade aluminum phone cradle, Zyroshell, on Kickstarter.

Isn’t annoying when you shop for a smartphone cradle and all you can find are these plastic, aesthetically lacking designs that make your beautifully designed smartphone loose some of its oomph. Well, that’s why Zyroshell provides us with a phone cradle that is exquisitely designed and is also easy to use. It’s designed to fit the daily needs of today smartphone users and still look amazing on your dashboard.

Zyroshell is a one-of-a-kind cradle because of its advanced technology and design. By using magnetic hinge technology you can simply place your smartphone on the surface and it will securely hold it in place. It tilts 180 degrees and rotates 360 degrees adapting to your specific needs. The baseplate makes it even better. Its ultra-low profile, only 2.4mm, is adaptable for curved dashboards or consoles and it all stays in place by using gel pads. The gel pad allows you to conveniently and continuously move your cradle to your car, office, desk, coffee table or wherever it is you choose to be without damaging the surface or loosing its stickiness.

Zyroshell is the ultimate smartphone cradle not only because of it’s sleek design, which you can get in silver or black matte, but because of its functional design. The dust cap prevents dust accumulation and the gel pad is washable making it extremely easy to keep clean. By pledging for this project on Kickstarter you will be part of the few lucky ones who have access to this phenomenal smartphone cradle before it hits retail and Zyroshell guarantees delivery within the given timeline because it’s already in the manufacturing process. Don’t waste any time and make your pledge by visiting http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1781022915/the-best-aluminum-car-desk-phone-cradle

About the designer:
G. Burt Lancaster is the founder of Lancaster Resolve Technology, an international consulting company in marketing, sales and strategic planning for high technology companies. Mr. Lancaster has 40+ years of experience in the high-tech industry generating multi-million dollar sales both in domestic and international markets. He is also sought out as an international expert and has lectured in many universities, governments and scientific institutes around the world. Recently, he addressed the Province of Hainan, China and the Kingdom of Morocco at the invitation of those governments who wish to enter the high-tech world. He currently resides in San Jose, California where his company is located.


For more information about Zyroshell or to schedule an interview with the designer G. Burt Lancaster, please contact Johanna Calderon-Dakin at (310)210-3198.
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