Textile still
Flim still

1+2=3, a study from numbers. While exploring the number three, I lost myself in shape and colour. I used the number three as a starting point to imagine different processing techniques and aspects of the number.
Three layers, three materials, three designs, three movies, three; all good things come in triplicate.
By combining my discoveries, along came the idea to create a textile. Taking fashion as my guideline. By movement, the fabric speaks and determines the form. By seeing the material as a shape-determining factor, the material, the shape and the final use will emerge. It’s an experimental textile that moves by the movement of a human body.

Art Director: Tomas Kroes
Director: Gioia van de Fliert
Edit: Gioia van de Fliert
Camera: Anna Berlis
Make up: Eva van ‘t Loo
Assitant: Wies Adrianow
Model: Kimberley Muis