18″ Necklace with Earrings. This Necklace has a Knock Out Look. It’s Focal is made up of a 30mmx40mm Black Onyx sewn in and encased with Red Ruby Leather. The remaining beads are Ruby Red rounds with a beautiful wash incorporated on their surface. The Black “E” beads and seed beads fill the gap between the Ruby rounds. Necklace is accompanied by Stainless Steel Earrings made with the same beads used in necklace.

This necklace is made for the person who is sensitive to Sterling Silver or wants to try something different. Whatever the reason, you are going to Love this metal…Stainless Steal. It comes with a nice shine. I have been a big fan of the Sterling Silver Hook and Eye Clasp, however, I found these Stainless Steel Large Lobster Claw Clasps. This Exaggerated Lobster Claw adds to my Funky look and is Easy to use because of the large size. I am excited about this Necklace and the Stainless Steel.