20 is inspired by the current generation who are constantly on the move and always connected. 20 is a simple multipurpose stool or side table that is easy to move around the home and adapts to mobile devices either by your bedside or in your living room. Fitting in anywhere the hyper connected generation finds themselves, 20 can be used anywhere there is a signal.

The 20 stools are constructed with two simple elements, a wooden top and a single accurately bent steel tube. Bent to evoke a constantly changing profile depending on the viewing angle while still being stable. A perfect analogy of the generation the stool was inspired by. The height of the objects are set to allow for an informal sitting stool or side table, leaving the function to be decided by the spontaneous and dynamic needs of the user.

Classic finishes of copper with white oak, or chrome and mahogany, recall classic traditional elements in a simple and modern form. The 20 stools have a simple cut out and filleted edge in the top surface that meets the leg system that is made of one continuos bent tubing. This simple intersection creates an easy access handle and a convenient point to thread and organize cables for mobile devices while charging on the top surface.