Young America . Creative | 2012 Seasonal Calendar | September
Young America . Creative | 2012 Seasonal Calendar | Detail
Young America . Creative | 2012 Seasonal Calendar | Letterpress Logo Detail on Cover

Calendar designed and produced by Young America . Creative | Meghan Dorrian and Brian Friel

This is Young America . Creative’s second year producing a seasonal fruit and vegetable harvest calendar and they couldn’t be more ecstatic about this year’s product.


Direct link to calendar: http://www.thisisya.com/ya.c—-2012-seasonal-calendar.html

The calendar harvest season info was gathered by personal data collection at Bay Area farmers markets and edited by farmer Toby Hastings, owner of Free Spirit Farms in Winters, CA.

All graphics are hand drawn and computer rendered by Meghan Dorrian or her partner Brian Friel, pulling from their background in architecture and strong enthusiasm for drawing and graphic design.

The calendar is a 12 page lithographic print set by the old-school San Francisco print shop, The Ligature, located in SOMA. http://www.theligature.com/

The natural chipboard cover is foil pressed, (similar to letterpress but with a thin sheet of clear foil pressed into the chipboard) and designed as a continuous mailer so it can be dropped in the mail or kept clean in a shop.

The calendar is perforated and singer sewn together at the top.

The paper used is produced by an established paper mill along the Hudson River, Finch, who practice responsible forestry and use renewable resources to produce product.