“40 X 40”
Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti – 2014

What you can get from one marble tile 40 x 40cm?From the marble tiles found in dusty warehouses of our craft companies?What things can be
made by cutting with water jet machine, assembling simply the pieces without creating waste material? The trial on these issues has led to propose
6 items.Thoughts in form of objects where the ethical reasons of the production process at least want to have the same relevance of their form and
their function.

PiùOmeno_Table lamp
The four pieces that form the lamp are made cutting a marble tile 40*40*1cm with waterjet machine, without producing any waste material. It’s
easily assembled and disassembled with simple joints. To increase or decrease the light intensity is sufficient to move forward or backward the
shape of the lampshade on which is mounted the led light.

GERLA_vase + fruit bowl
A marble tile 40*40*4cm thick is cut in a concentric way to obtain a series of oval marble rings with very thin thickness. These are superimposed to
become a 40cm height vase. The slight grooves caused by waterjet cutting the pieces becomes a natural decoration that characterized the outer and
inner surface of the vase. The piece of result is usable as a fruit bowl.

O-RING_fruit bowl
Just a marble tile 40*40*1cm thick to get the rings necessary to make a fruit bowl light and roomy.

PIET_fruit bowl
A small fruit bowl is made with four plates joint together. All parts are made by a marble tile 40*40*1cm without any waste.

QUADRONDO_wall clock
It’s made from a white marble tile 40*40*1cm. On the tile are made the cuts by waterjet machine in order to allow the user the choice to transform
or not the clock shape from square to round breaking parts precut.

SFRID0_coffee table
A coffee table is made up from two marble tiles 40*40*1cm without waste. One tile to get the four pieces that make up the base, and one for the table
top. It mounts easily with few joints.