Between by Felice Limosani
Nutrire la Terra by Archea
The main courtyard of the event "Feeding New Ideas for the City" organized by Interni
Sphere in Moss Clay, omnidirectional speaker by Architettura Sonora
Cylinder in Etruscan Clay, omnidirectional sound module designed by Vladimir Djurovic for Architettura Sonora
Sphere sound module integrated into landscape
Sphere by Architettura Sonora and behind "Nutrire la Terra" by Archea

For FuoriSalone 2014, during Design Week in Milan, INTERNI organized the major Exhibition-Event FEEDING NEW IDEAS FOR THE CITY within the superb setting of the University of Milan, which intended to introduce and develop some of the topics of Expo 2015, which will open in May next year. The event gathered the original contributions of internationally renowned designers and cutting-edge brands, that are confronting on themes such as the relationship with Mother Earth, the relationship between natural and artificial construction, the connection between technological innovation and sustainability. ARCHITETTURA SONORA curated the soundscape of the entire event, approaching and developing the relationship between natural materials and technological innovation through the new line of sound modules from the “Raw” collection, in pigmented terracotta, that were introduced inside the main courtyard and within the installation “Nutrire la Terra” designed by ARCHEA.