Grass Presentation Box

Hello, Suzanne,

Being designers, we know that carrying around tons of concepts to business meetings is not an easy task – they just keep falling out of hands! The same applies to sendign samples.

aiia, manufacturer of promotional goods, found a simple yet efficient and inspiring solution. I thought MocoLoco readers might find it interesting.

We created a special presentation box that is able to carry 4 promotional products at a time.

Made of corrugated cardboard and craft paper with 1 color print, it contains 4 separate removable lodgments covered with soft green artificial grass. 18.5cm*18.5 cm case is covered with a see through plastic sleeve with engraved company logo, which adds to brand identity and protects samples inside.

Nice to the touch, easy to use, eco friendly presentation box is great for showcasing existing goods and concepts. It brings more than just gadgets, but a burst of emotions. Just like all aiia goods do.

Pics available here: https://drive.google.com/a/enjoy-aiia.com/#folders/0BwEczcpSiL1Gb2hsVW5hZi1wMWc

Best regards

Yuliya Demtsova
aiia Team