this is a Spanish product designer looking for a publication on Dezeen. My last project is a video and here you have some information and photos about it.

SYNOPSIS – Almas (Souls in Spanish)
In a not too distant future a tyrant has prohibited verbal communication. People are subjected and forced to speak to an object, its soul. A dissident group decides to do something about it.

Like his first video called hhh, Souls results in a landscape that, real or not, raises questions, situations and dialogues on the world of objects and the relationship we have with them. Do they live in our service or we depend on them? Do objects we have are ours? Paco dismantles everyday to give us ideas disguised as science fiction and b series of experimental postcyberpunk and raise critical questions about ourselves and the world around us.


What purpose have objects in our lives, what importance, what use do we give them and if we can give them other uses or if they can give us something more. What’s our relation with them and how this turns us into impersonal persons.
I like to start a close dialogue with people in which, the idea I try to transmit is above all else. An excessively formal development sabotajes the conversation. Simple ideas, light arguments.
In this sense I work deconstructing the quotidian, the archetypal, solid and customary taking some situations to the limit to see if what is produced or manufactured has stopped helping us to enslave us.