AMMO Wall Organiser (Image 1)
AMMO Wall Organiser (Image 2)
KVIKK Wall Unit (Image 1)
KVIKK Wall Unit (Image 2)
SLOT Shelf
MARGIN Side Table
TEJA Frames
SOMEWHAT Mirror Shelf
ALSO Mirror Hook

AMMO Wall Organiser :- As a holder of stationery or as an object of decoration, AMMO provides the freedom to decide how and where to use it. Handcrafted in leather and wood, AMMO is a wall mounted organiser that is functionally decorative.
Materials: Leather, Walnut Wood, Eucalyptus Wood, Brass nails

KVIKK Wall Unit :- KVIKK is a modular wall unit consisting of a mirror, shelf and hooks. Made of wood and aluminium, it allows for quick installation with the help of only two screws. The shelf, hooks and mirror slide and lock into the slotted wooden block. A handy assistant while entering or leaving the house.
Materials: Aluminium, White Ash wood, Mirror glass

SLOT Shelf :- The SLOT shelf is cut from a single piece of MDF in a way that each piece slots into itself to form a wall shelf.
Materials: MDF

MARGIN Side Table :- MARGIN is a colour reversible side table in two colored leather that can be flat-packed and assembled with ease. Made of plywood and clad in leather.
Materials: Plywood, Leather

HOMETOWN Lamp :- The HOMETOWN lamp is inspired by the decorated cycle rickshaws from the old city of Banaras (now Varanasi). Hand embossed by the same rickshaw craftsman in aluminium, the embossing creates an interesting visual texture even on the inside.
Materials: Aluminium sheet, Teak wood

TEJA Frames :- Using only wood and decoratively knotted natural fibre rope, the reversible TEJA frames use a rope fastening method to do away with cold and un-emotional hardware. No screws, hinges, hooks or wire. An attempt to return to a sense of functional romanticism.
Materials: Teak wood, Rubber wood, Natural fibre rope

SOMEWHAT Mirror Shelf :- Designed in accordance with our approach to decorative function, the SOMEWHAT mirror is handcrafted in leather and offers the additional function of an incorporated shelf.
Materials: Leather, Mirror glass

ALSO Mirror :- Adding to the function of a mirror, the ALSO mirror is handmade in leather and includes an inbuilt aluminium hook.
Materials: Leather, Mirror glass

All Photos by Unlike Design Co., New Delhi, India