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Luminosity and the Aperture Light
Writing a press release about a product that is nearly 10 years old seems a little odd. However it is a proud moment for Luminosity to see their first shipment of their Aperture light flying off the shelves in John Lewis and other independent design retailers around the country.
The Aperture Light was designed by Claire Norcross back in 2003. This sculptural paper shade was inspired by the nature of a pine cone and its ability to open and close according to the weather conditions. This aspect is reflected in the versatility of the design and the user’s ability to open and close each ‘aperture’ in order to dazzle or diffuse the light. It has a wide ranging application from contract interiors to domestic spaces.
Aperture was originally launched by Habitat in 2005 and it continued to be a best seller in their collection until last year. The sad demise of this iconic store from many of our high streets has presented an opportunity for Claire to begin Luminosity, an exciting new business with Rob Payne to design, import and distribute Aperture and a number of other new designs to retailers and customers nationally and internationally.
While Claire has a proven track record as an award winning designer, Rob has strong entrepreneurial and financial skills with a history of successful business in importing. This partnership aims to deliver a creative and inspiring range of lighting designs. Luminosity will exclusively import and distribute Aperture, as well as design a range of new products launching later this year.
Aperture is available in 3 sizes:
Small (35cm) £60 rrp
Medium (48cm) £75 rrp
Large (65cm) £110 rrp

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