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This brief – set by Belgian wood bending experts G. DesMet – asked me to design a product using readily available laminated components from their extensive product catalogue; a refreshing inversion of the typical mantra ‘form follows function’.
Apsis is based on the circle’s most fundamental quality – rotational symmetry.The laminated beech wood body revolves around a limestone trey base, without the need for complicated mechanisms commonly associated with adjustable lamps. In placing the base ring over the circular stone base, a simple bearing is created, allowing the lamp to rotate freely and endlessly.
The cable and LED components are hidden within the body and head, creating a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic that emphasises the lamp’s simple geometry. Items within the trey are orbited and illuminated by the lamp head, which in turn pivots through a range of 180 degrees, the light waxing and waning as it is cast around the room.
The arm, head and base ring are constructed from laminated beech wood, supplied by G. DesMet. The base is carved from Portuguese limestone. A flexible LED strip, secured around the lamp head’s inside circumference is diffused through a 3mm opal perspex, providing a soft warm-white light.
Apsis lamp was debuted at Tent-London, a spart of the London Design festival. Thank you for your consideration.