The Aqua vanity is designed to showcase the vanity as a centerpiece through the articulation of its elements and its sculptural form.
The design makes a break from the standard vanity shapes for a more organic and fluid form, that is inspired by flow of water and the swirls it creates within a bowl. This elegant motion is captured in three dimensional form and exaggerate in the up (or z) axis. The final form of the vanity is a much more refined iteration of this process, and one that expresses the inherent qualities of motion in a static state.

The piping mechanisms is expressed as a separate element that compliments the opposing form while being separate form it. Structurally the design creates the illusion of moving forms through space that seems frozen in time, like that of two ballroom dancers. This is achieved by playing with our preconceptions of material strenghts, colour and form.

Material used: Krion;developed by porcelanosa.
Designed by Esan Rahmani for high-end residential apartments.