To the responsible of MOCO LOCO,

We are glad to show you our new ArchMedium student competition The project is called OBA2012 “Aurora Borealis arctic observatory” supported by the architecture university of Barcelona and the Aalto university from Helsinki.
We’ve just opened the inscriptions to participate in the competition. I would like to ask for your cooperation in the task of promoting this event, which we believe will interest a great part of your Blog readers. If you think this event matches your blog theme it would be great if you could publish and entry about it. We would also appreciate if you could forward this information to anyone who might be interested in participating or is in touch with architecture students which might be.

Here you have some additional information:
From ArchMedium we would like to propose a project that will help us rediscover our primitive instincts. We want to create a bond again with Mother Nature.
What we want to create is a Northern Lights observatory located in one of the most extreme latitudes inhabited by Man, surrounded by lush, endless forests and nature in its purest form
This is much more than just a service to the city: there will be a Finish spa, a full astronomical observatory, and all the most charming accommodations in food, beverage, and lodging.

*President – Josep Llinás
*Design Studio – Pere Joan Ravetllat (Ravetllat Ribas)
*Young architect – Mara Partida (MX-SI)
*History and composition – Celia Marín (ETSAB/UPC)
*Local Architect(Finland) – Philip Tidwell (Aalto univ.)
5000euros+publication in architecture magazines+exposition in ETSAB Barcelona and Aalto university

15 May 2012.…..…………….………………..End inscriptions
31 May 2012……………………….……Submission Deadline

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. Thanks in advance!

Gastón Saboulard