Julien head and touch switch detail
Juliette details


Recently exhibited at Maison&Objet Exhibition in Paris this September, the Clin d’Oeil range are 4 wooden lamps, innovative and minimal.
“Clin d’oeil” is a French expression which means to make a reference to, in a complicit way.

Those flat plywood lamps, giving a 2 dimensional twist, are an ironic reference to the former classic model.
Here you wont find any bulb, only a performance LED system.

The range comes in 4 models, offering different sizes and proportions:
– Jules XXL floor lamp
– Julien floor lamp
– Juliette table lamp
– Julia wall lamp


Just for the record, ART&LUX is a brand that has just started, offering innovative luminaire with an elaborate design.
The ART&LUX team is composed of lighting professionals, they work as consultants specialized in lighting architectures, hotels, museums etc.,
They decided to develop their own product, ans organized meeting between light designer and product designer.

“As a designer, this experience was really productive and rewarding; while I was working on the shape,
they were bursting with ideas about the technology we could integrate.” Julie.

For instants, you turn on the lamp with a touch switch that works through the wood, or use a remote and create several scenario, thereby its adapts to every needs.

All the products are of really good quality, the wood that is used is French and has the PEFC label, and all the manufacture process is also in France.

François Clerc for “Archibelle” and “Mezzanine”
Julie Gasiglia for “Clin d’Oeil”.


PS: I don’t manage to send the press book, let me know where I could send it to you .