Led by the creative direction of recognized pet furniture designer Corey Drew, the mission of the Architect Pets brand is to design the most innovative pet products that are simply irresistible to any design conscience home and pet owner. Our aims are set high to revolutionize the pet industry with the staple pieces of our brand which are our very unique, yet highly functional and comfortable pet furniture.

This unique design is the perfect solution for preventing cats from scratching on unwanted surfaces, while fitting seamlessly into any home decor. You will no longer be embarrassed of a shredded cat scratcher when visitors arrive to your home. The Astoria Cat Scratcher is created with thin layers of bamboo pressed around a curved form to create its unique shape that allows for multiple scratching surfaces and is perfect for two cats or suiting a cat’s particular mood. This cat scratcher comes with high quality, replaceable sisal tiles in a color combination of natural and blue-grey and will last long beyond other scratchers. Completed with 4 non-skid rubber feet which prevents the scratching of your home floors. This sleek and high quality cat scratcher is finished off with our highly polished Architect Pets stainless steel plaque