B-light is a street luminaire with direct light LED, born within a broader project for a new image of the chain’s stores Bep’s, specialized in car and motorcycle accessories.
It is just by the car and by the passion for speed that B-light draws inspiration and form.
Starting from the color itself, red RAL 3020 “traffic red”, synonymous with ferrari,
with passion and with city traffic as well, Labit came to design a profile consisting
of a straight line that folds in on itself, like the sinuous lines of light obtained by photographing
the moving cars at night.
The subtle body is made of a single laser cut metal sheet, which is shaped cross-section “c”,
to ensure lightness and stillness.
The light source, placed parallel to the floor in compliance with the regulations for
light pollution, is made of 2 bars with 18 LEDs each for a total of 30 watts max.