Front of the building
Interior detail
Wall detail
DIY (do-it-yourself)
Interior detail
Window Shop

Making your own cake and cookies is hot, maybe even a little too hot. Reason enough for the bakbar to open a shop that refocuses on the real craft of baking. No fooling around with marzipan and coloring, just authentic homemade baking. ‘The nostalgia of waiting for a fresh apple pie coming from your mom’s home oven’.

‘Authentic and a little rough’ is what the owners of the bakbar had in mind for their interior. Inspired bij historic grocerys from the old days the designers choose for simple and rough materials; a concrete floor, walls covered by ‘grocery’ cabinets up to the ceiling, handpainted tiles and lighting tucked away in ventilation piping.

Entering the shop, it really feels as if you’re entering a 30’s grocery around the corner. The wooden cabinets concequently fill the entire shop all around. Doors, for instance to the storageroom, are recessed in the cabinets and the walls behind all cabinets are filled with black and white historic prints. The entire space inculding walls and cabinets consequently builds up to one huge walk in closet.

The kitchen island is right centered in the shop’s space and is all what the bakbar is about; lovingly creating delicious homemade cake’s and cookies. The shop’s interior is just the right warm and welcoming backdrop for this wonderfull scene.