Hello, my name is Daryl Villanueva, creator of Bandit9 Motorcycle Design.

Moco Loco has been kind enough to feature our custom machines before. We recently launched our new branch in Saigon with the release of the EVE and now, Bandit9 Saigon has announced their next model called Bishop. I was really hoping you guys could share our new baby, Bishop, with your readers.

Bandit9’s Bishop is based on a 125cc Honda SuperSport and will be a limited edition bike with only 9 units made. The metallic unibody is made from a block of a high-grade aluminum. Bandit9 will be collaborating with a guitar luthier and a yacht company to produce the high-gloss, waterproof, wood burl side panels (available in walnut, oak or teak). And as with all Bandit9’s, everything is bespoke – from the alloy muffler to the suede seat. Bishop is really a concoction of natural elements in their purest form.

Bandit9 Saigon’s philosophy is to create beautifully designed, handcrafted motorcycles that are attainable. Bandit9 begins production on the Bishop this but it is now available for pre-order starting at $6400.