Contemporary Design Studio we+, in collaboration with Shiseido Art Director Taisuke Kikuchi, has produced the installation called “Beauty Innovation” currently on display on the First Floor of the Shiseido Ginza Building. The installation is constructed from threads and expresses “Beauty of Diversity” which ties into Shiseido’s corporate philosophy.

The installation is a window display created from a 12 layers aggregation of thread stretched vertically is motor-controlled to start from a still state and then move in a regular, but bold fashion. By showing the varying appearance of the threads in the work, the Beauty of Diversity is being pursued.

The window display uses almost double the amount of the visible threads, which are hidden within the construction in order to control the motion and this makes possible the left and right movement of the threads which appear to have an almost rubber-like elasticity. Also, in order for the aggregation of about 500 pieces of thread to move smoothly without getting tangled, the internal mechanism is an original development designed to withstand over three months of long term exhibition. Furthermore, in order to make each and every delicate thread stand out, a specially dyed original type of thread was used. By changing the color of the thread for each layer, a gradation appears as the threads move in order to produce a three-dimensional and lively visual effect. This color gradation also gives the viewer a different impression depending on the angle to be seen.


1 April 2019 – 12 July 2019


Direction & Design / Taisuke Kikuchi (Shiseido), Hokuto Ando (we+), Toshiya Hayashi (we+)

Design & Development / Yohei Aoki (we+), Eri Sekiguchi (we+)

Technical Direction & Design / Satoru Kusakabe (Perspectives)

Software Program / Mio Kato (Siro)

Lighting Design / Satoyoshi Hoshino (MGS)

Construction / Mari Art

Special Thanks / NBC meshtec Inc., K’S METAL