Being Bag 1
Being Bag 2
Being Bag 3
Being Bag 4+5
Being Bag 6
Tree Stump
Sling shot

I am an Australian designer/maker based in Copenhagen, using glassblowing and glass sculpting techniques to create non functional objects for the home. My work pays respect to traditional craftsmanship whilst endeavouring to contemporize the material. I have just launched a web shop, featuring mostly these two series of works, but also various other works.

‘Being Bags’ series

Inspired by the fluidity of the glass in it’s molten state, I have created pieces that gently reflect the movement that occurs during the blowing process. After the glass is blown and allowed to cool, surface treatments of sandblasting and wheel polishing give the works their characteristic fabric look.
The series also explores themes of the body as a vessel, with the works imitating relaxed gestural movements. The result is a quiet and meditative sense of presence.

Prices from €400-€535

‘Tree products’ series

Solid sculpted glass pieces built up slowly in layers to create the appearance of growth rings, with a top surface that has been ground flat and bought up to a soft buff polish.

Tree Stump €400
Slingshot €320

* Full disclosure – as yet these pieces have not been blogged about elsewhere on the net, however, I am submitting to a couple of other blog sites in the hope someone will take the bait : )