Belcanto front
Belcanto side
Belcanto back angle
Shiny finish


The goal behind this limited edition piece is to change the general perception of a chair and its wooden material to reveal an expression that is fluid, dynamic and continuous. Belcanto represents the hidden ambition of a chair to become poetry for the eyes. Made from exotic Guayubira wood, indigenous to South America, the material is pushed to its limits to reflect the purity of form and the essence of function in a sinuous shape to reveal an unexpected profile that appears weightless.

Jason Mizrahi was born and raised in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute New York. He lives and works in New York.
Jason Mizrahi’s designs alter the perceptions of furniture and sculptural art by finding an amazing harmony between their elements. He explores ideas that redefine the outlook of furniture. Drawing upon his admiration of art and music and by venturing into unconventional approaches, he generates designs that seek to awe and inspire. In his latest collection, Jason explores techniques that push the limits of materials to unexpected shapes and reveals the beauty of their expression. Jason’s investigation into physical and structure reflects a confident optimism. The featured designs are expressions of a wide range of interdisciplinary skills; art, architecture and music. Their forms represent a portrait of art, a musical symphony and when combined with architectural principles, they collectively evoke in the observer sensitive affections for contemporary expression.