Bent mirrors
square format
landscape format
portrait format
the bent surface can be used as shelve
detail of the bent surface
the back is colored
detail of the bent surface

Bent is a clever stainless steel mirror with a built-in shelve. It changes the ordinary flat mirror surface into a three-dimensional living accessory.

Stainless steel mirrors are usually used in prisons, public restrooms or other locations where fragile glass wouldn’t be suitable. But they are more than a mere substitute for the real thing. They rather open-up new design possiblities.

Bent features a mirror-polished stainless steel sheet, which is curved at the bottom, this way creating a simple shelve for all the small things you need within reach. The metal sheet is just 1.5mm thick, giving the mirror a light appearance.

Bent acts as a perfect bathroom or make-up mirror, with enough space to put your beauty stuff. But it can also be installed in other areas. Placed in the hallway, itoffers a place to put your keys and sunglasses as well as a possibility to take a short glance before leaving the house.

Bent was first presented at Qubique’s “Ventura Berlin” exhibition in Berlin this October.
Until now, Bent mirrors are prototypes.