Cocobolo on Maple Bentwood Wedding Rings
Rosewood on Maple Bentwood Rings
Hickory Bentwood Ring from Repurposed Drumstick
Cocobolo on Maple Bentwood Ring
Ebony on Maple Bentwood Wedding Rings
White Oak on Maple Bentwood Ring

I thought you may enjoy our handcrafted Bentwood Ring product and could consider it on your site. See the photos attached, and our website www.bojtstudio.com

We are artisans who make custom Bentwood Rings in the traditional Scandinavian style. Bojt Studio Bentwood Rings are born of hardwood, then we replace the natural oils of the wood with durable acrylic to handcraft comfortable rings of incredible durability. Even without a protective finish, the rings will last for decades.

Our customers say they own wearable works of art… that makes us happy.

I look forward to hearing from you, or seeing our work in your publication.

James Nord
Bojt Studio