BERGY BIT candle collection
BERGY BIT candle collection (2)
falling in love with the sun
BERGY BIT candle melting
BERGY BIT Galbanum and Petit Grain
BERGY BIT Bergamot, Narcissus and Ylang
Bergamot, Mandarin and Green bamboo
BERGY BIT in the hand
BERGY BIT candles and packagings

BERGY BIT the candle designed to raise awareness of the effects of global warming.

“falling in love with the sun” is the catchphrase of BERGY BIT the candle intended to represent the effects of global warming, melting the worlds icebergs slowly away as the candle burns and time passes. This product, designed by GentleGiants Studio for BOZU Italian Workshop Design, takes its name from the scientific definition of a middle sized iceberg that originates from a larger glacier or shelf ice that has broken up.

The purpose of this candle is making people aware of the effects of environmental changes. It is known that when temperatures rise ice melts due to this, more water flows to the seas from glaciers and ice caps and as a result ocean water warms and expands in volume.

Each candle stands on an handmade ceramic plate and burns in a different way and these features make each Bergy Bit unique. The BERGY BIT collection consists in three candles, each one has a different scent and colour and it is available in two dimensions.

Colours and scents:
– Deep Sea blue (Galbanum and Petit Grain),
– Pale blue (Bergamot, Narcissus and Ylang)
– Burgundy(Bergamot, Mandarin and Green bamboo)

BERGY BIT (small): diameter 14 cm – height 10 cm
BERGY BIT (big) : diameter 18 cm – height 13 cm

Wax and porcelain