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The concept of Bita emerges as a need to return the culture the taste and the pleasure of reading to the emerging societies. However, the story of Bita goes beyond a manifesto that contradicts fashions and trends.

Love, peace, and family are strong words that transform and transmit themselves through interdisciplinary approaches and experiences. This is the concept of Bita, to communicate these feelings to society and provide unique and calm moments to the frenetic day-to-day that surround us.
The story of Bita refers to the act of reading or telling a story to someone who is important to us in a calm and serene scenario. The rocking chair transforms this scenario into something more welcoming and familiar as attempting to approximate and unite feelings and people.

Only two material elements, wood and the Red cord form the rocking chair. Its simplicity is affirmed by its own construction and materiality. Technically, this chair does not require collages, grips or screws, only the docking between the seat and the backrest made by cylindrical elements, also in wood, fixed by the cord node.
Is clearly evident and outstanding the purpose of its form in analogy to its function and manifest. It is here that these two aspects of the product come together and transmit them to the user through Bita, the chair of unique moments and passionate.

The whole project has as a starting point at this moment, the moment in which we define, understand and feel all the evolutionary concept of Bita.