What if a community will help you find your stolen bag? The project is called BitStuff and it is 100% italian. BitStuff embraces an amount of products able to communicate with smartphone and tablet. In this case, we’re talking about BitBags (http://www.eppela.com/eng/projects/870/bitbag): bags, tablet and pc cases and backpacks landed on Eppela, the first crowdfunding platform in Italy.

BitStuff’s idea is very simple: a special technology is inserted in common objects which, with a Bluetooth connection capable to communicate with BIT.me app, can increase the security and protection level from thefts and losses. BIT.me app is free and available for everyone, not only to Bit product’s owner. The community is composed by Bithunters, able to find the lost objects and to find themselves through the city.

How does Bit accessory work? Each object – in our case, the BitBags – is equipped with an electronic board with Bluetooth technology. Combining the Bit objects with any Bluetooth device, the product can “talk” with it with a direct, private and secure communication. Bluetooth technology can work perfectly outdoor up to a 60 mt distance.

The campaign on Eppela will help to create the server able to host the community, optimizing the network. This is necessery to cover longer distances.
If the project ends well, the supporters will receive a special BitBag preview.

For further informations: www.eppela.com , www.bitbags.it