plan - after (layout of partition walls and furniture)
plan - before
living room
living room and hall

A design for an apartment with floor area of 70m2 (for a 2+2 family) was a challenge for us, mainly because of the small surface.
For the investor, ergonomics was important, as well as to make the apartment have character and not to make it boring.
Hallway, living room and kitchen (39,5 m2) have been designed in black and white colours, with vivid, yellow accessories – in greater or smaller quantity. The floor area of the apartment is not great, therefore in the day section, there is a predominance of bright colours and optically-enhancing mirrors.
The living room design was supplemented with bathroom and small toilet, which are mainly black and white, and yellow is but an accessory, which can be changed easily if it becomes boring.
In the design, we added an alcove in the kitchen – at the expense of the kitchen – and we added a small wardrobe in the hallway, which was surrounded with mirrors.
Bathroom – mirrors on both sides of the toilet and on the ceiling.
The living room serves both as day room and the parents’ bedroom.