Black Mirrors - Castor Design
Black Mirrors - Castor Design
Induction Tube Light - Castor Design
Induction Tube Light - Castor Design
Conic Section Pendant Light - Castor Design
Conic Section Pendant light - Castor Design
Reflection Floor Lamp - Castor Design
Reflection Floor Lamp - Castor Design
Oil Lamp - Castor Design
Tank Bowls - Castor Design

Black Metal Collection

Castor’s Black Metal Collection is inspired by the line from Spinal Tap “There’s something about this that’s so black, it’s like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.” Nigel Tufnel was commenting on their new black record cover and clearly making a statement about design in general- Black is absolute.
From this Castor set out to create a line devoid of color and ornamentation . One that is about form and simplicity. Distilling design down to the basic elements. Black was achieved through a number of different finishes including black chrome and black oxide.

Conic Section pendant light

In mathematics, a conic section is a curve obtained at the intersection of a cone with a plane. This pendant is based on that proof. A hyperbola, ellipse, parabola and circle are produced by cutting a cone at different angles. . The cages are plated in black chrome to help reflect the light emitted.

Tank Bowls

the Tank bowl is the off-cut from the Castor Tank light, made from reclaimed fire extinguishers. The bottoms are recut, stripped, polished and painted a matte black finish on the outer side with a reflective black interior.

Induction Tube Light

The Induction Tube Light uses a magnetic field to transfer electrical current to a regular 6’ft fluorescent bulb. The bulb will continue to emit light if lifted several inches away. This is achieved through the wireless transmission of electricity. The base houses a circuit that safely stores an electric current within a magnetic field. The bases are simple geometric forms milled from solid steel and plated in black chrome.

Black Mirrors

The mirrors have a black tint finish that gives off a clean reflection and has a subtle darkened tone. The black powder coated spun metal back gives the illusion of hovering off the wall and produces depth to an otherwise flat object.

Oil Lamp

The oil lamp is in partnership with Harnisch lamps established in 1842. collaborating with the oldest gas lamp manufacturers in Canada Castor was able to use Harnisch’s knowledge and production methods while stripping the lamps of all ornamentation to a simple cylindrical shape finished in black chrome.

Reflector Floor Lamp

Taking inspiration from beaver pelt stretching techniques, this light diffuser reflects leds off of a piece of stretched foil leather. the base and stem of the light is designed to disappear in order to display the leather reflector.