BlueScale is a simple pocket scale which is equipped with Bluetooth technology to send weight data directly to a computing machine which we preferred “smart phones”. There are currently lots of applications developed for smart phones that are used to manage calorie intake and weight control. Bluescale is the concept of pairing a scale with these applications to measure the calorie of the food one serves up. The reason that makes this idea beneficial is that it’s hard to measure the amount of the food you choose to eat precisely and enter it in the software. And also, for instance, if you have planned a maximum calorie for your meal, it will be hard to guess how much dressing you are allowed to add to your salad.
Application will be simple, User should turn the BlueScale on and the phone will perform a search to find the device, then he will be prompted to let the phone use the device for the entries. He should put the scale under the dish he wants to use (Plate, Mug, Glass…) and reset the BlueScale. Then he should enter the name the food he wants to put on or pour into the dish. When done, he can see the real-time calorie counting on the phone, then it’s the turn of next item. He can, for example, put french fries on the dish until he reaches 600 calories.
This method can be used for serving multiple foods and drinks, and also for preparing foods and beverages. Two examples are shown in the photos.