Patrizia Pozzi
Contemporary Landscape
New tales and new visions

a cura di/ edited by
Luca Molinari & Viapiranesi

Skira Editore
Press release
28th February 2012

An invitation to reflect on eco-friendly life to promote the dialogue between mankind and Nature.

Contemporary Landscape, curated by Luca Molinari for Skira Editore, is the new book by Patrizia Pozzi, now in bookshops.
In Italy, few texts deal with Landascape, the design of open spaces.
More than 300 colour images tell us about Patrizia Pozzi’s thirty years experience, about her Studio and her team of consultants. This book highlights the new international trends, many of which are still unknown, in our country.
The book describes the key issues examined in this field so far, and at the same time, it is a reflection about what still can, and must be done. It is an educational guide for the younger generation approaching this field, to learn the trends of the near future.
Luca Molinari states, in his introduction, that in the last sixty years, there has been an unreasonable consumption of lands without fully assessing the potential impact that all of these decisions have had on the environment and on our lives. A sad example is the last terrible environmental disaster in Italy, in the Liguria Region, last October.

Most of our cities have been growing eight and ten-fold, causing abandonment and loss of the countryside, mountain valleys and coastal areas. The ancient balance of mankind’s ability to colonize and transform places with awareness and understanding of climates, scents and quality of our land, has almost been completely lost in less than three decades.
Fortunately, in the last two decades, the situation has been slowly improving, thanks to a new generation of landascape designers and their better aware clientele, who are beginning to see the design of open space, as an extraordinary environmental and civic resource.
Part of this overview includes Patrizia Pozzi and her studio’s activity and research for the design of landscape and green spaces, both public and private, which is progressively establishing itself on the national and international scene.

The long series of projects designed for some major, private corporations and a few courageous public administrations, tell us about a crucial change of mentality in the Italian clientele, and at the same time, an unavoidable metamorphosis in the awareness of people who are no longer indifferent to the places built for their everyday life.
The projects (on the ground and hanging) for: the new Vodafone Village, the new head office L’Oreal Italia, in Milan, the new public spaces for IKEA in Catania and Perugia, the landscape and architectural project for the new oil products port in Valona, Albania, show us how Nature has been studied and conceived in order to improve the quality of everyday life and how the design of open-spaces may became a new concept of constructing our cities in a different way through greater sustainability and eco-friendly responsibility.
Patrizia Pozzi’s vision is inspired by elements of nature, always looking at the future, seeking eco-friendly sustainability and bio-compatibility in her works.
Nowadays, it is increasingly necessary to design new, vanguard projects that integrate energy-saving system, protecting the precious natural resources that remain.
Some recent projects are quite remarkable, such as the photovoltaic garden of the new Vodafone Village, the roof garden and the entrance square of the Foresteria of the Borgogno Golf Club conceived with low environmental impacts.

Pozzi’s Studio is dedicated to propelling the eco-friendly message through the educational and recreational activity with children (the citezens of our present/future who need to be helped in establishing a new and happy relation with Nature of places).
The game in her works often becames the project’s theme and vice-versa. For example, the fig leaf is the central design element, conceived by Patrizia Pozzi, that marks and highlights the game spots for the new IKEA store in Catania. Another example is the furniture and light series designed by her, which become recreational objects for children’s workshops -artificial hedges, woven willow, coral, nest, root shaped, all inspired by lotuses, daisies and flower buds.
The LED lights Ramètt and the coffeetable Fior di Loto, both produced by the firm Ad Maiora for outdoor and indoor spaces, are among the recent creations shown as novelties in this publication.
This being the inspiration for the new line of bags “Lotus” by Valextra, showcased for the 2012/13 season, during Milan Fashion week.* The language of Nature intertwines art, design and thus through them, fashion, authenticating its universality and how inherent is is in all of us.

The book begins with a foreword by Luca Molinari, followed by four thematic sections: Energy landscape, Abitare la natura, Nuove tendenze (Orme e forme vegetali, Baby Green, SculpTing, Wallscape, Taglia e cuci, Riflettendo), Nursery. Each section is fully illustrated with images of the Studio Pozzi with texts by Studio Viapiranesi srl and exhaustive captions.

Patrizia Pozzi is a landscape architect, who graduated in architecture at the “Politecnico di Milano”. She started her career collaborating with Italia Nostra and FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano-Italian Environmental Fund).
She won several competitions for the design of public green areas and for the redevelopment of parks. Since 1991, she has been the owner and director of a landscape and architectural design firm that focuses on both urban and rural projects, on a national and international level.
She is interested in creating low impact environmental projects, through LEED certification standards, as well as, improvements for public and private works, landscape rehabilitation and redevelopment.
She teaches at the Master course, Outdoor Experience Design, at the Poli.Design of Milan.
Her works are published in Italian and international books and magazines and were shown in the last three editions of the Barcelona European Landscape Biennial (the Rosa Barba Prize 2006, 2008, 2010).
She is known for the creation of Landscape Furniture, a line of artificial, hedge furnitures which has won great success. In 2008, she published Landscape Design, with Electa publisher.
In all her works, Patrizia Pozzi tends to make connection between daily life and Nature. With device and irony, the environment becomes malleable through a clever design, which implies a deep knowledge of Nature and the site, i.e. atmosphere, wind, smell, colour, changing light, fog, botanic of course, and much more.
To code and translate these elements in a design language is part of the work of the landscape designer, that is to conceive a work with respect and protection of the environment with full attention toward Nature and its rhythm.
Patrizia Pozzi Studio is well-structured and interdisciplinary, as it should be in this field. Many of her studio professionals have unique skill, e.g. in landscape architecture, graphic communication, agronomy, and they colloborate with external specialists (botanists, agronomists, engineers; also sculptors, scene desiners, etc.) whose experience makes it possible to conceive various works in different environments.

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Publisher: Skira Editore – Collana Architettura. Monografia. www.skira.it
Size: 16,5x21cm, 320 pages, 270 illustrations
Price: 30,00 euros in bookshops
Texts Italian|English by Luca Molinari and Viapiranesi
Available in bookshops from February 2012