Booo bulb by Nacho Carbonell
Booo bulb by Nacho Carbonell

What is a Booo bulb?
A sustainable bulb that combines energy saving, functionality and design.

Why energy saving?
They use LEDs and can last up to 20 years.

Why functionality?
Booo bulbs are a bulb and lamp shade in one. (Just twist in the bulb, no lamp shade needed!)

Why design?
Booo bulbs come in different designs and various sizes.

Booo selected Nacho Carbonell to design a Booo bulb with their concept of bulb and lampshade in one. He decided to use rubber for his user-friendly and unconventional Booo bulb design. The bulb is soft, unbreakable and can be squeezed.

“The crafted product can adapt to any environment and allows the bulb to be used as a standalone item. The bulb packs flat for easy shipping.” – Nacho Carbonell