Natural moss from Nordic’s forest and mountains.
A brooch inspired by the ripe fruits of Dandelion flowers, from its spherical shape with silky pappi.
A brooch inspired by bird’s nest structure, from its oblate spheroid shape, filled of Nordic moss.
A necklace inspired by the tree branches, to create a torus-shaped wreath filled of Nordic moss.
A bracelet inspired by the red sea algae and corals which grow in this piece around its elliptical shape filled of Nordic moss.
The result is a stunning piece of jewelry with great detail, robust despite its apparent fragility.
One wire runs in spiral around the surface to create the nest, a single start and end point to define the jewel.
An attractive play between closed and opened areas around it by the superposition of branches, where the moss appears through the generated openings.
A wired structure with high transparence where emerging moss from the inside out.

We have integrated Nature into wearable jewelry with our new “Botanical” jewelry collection, a set of jewels inspired by dandelions, bird’s nests, tree branches, and sea corals in sintered polyamide and Nordic moss.

When we start this collection some months ago, we take some conceptual premises for the creation of all collection, beginning to emphasize all pieces with complex geometries using the same wire diameter to solve them, like 3D pen drawings, and to add the incredible coloured and natural moss from Nordic’s forest and mountains. The colors of moss helped us to define the inspirational references, suggesting the red for coral, green for tree branches, clear green or yellow for bird’s nests and white for dandelions, this last finally better without moss. In themselves the ”Botanical” jewelry collection contain inside soft moss.

We have worked in this collection, to continue pushing the potential of Design through Additive Manufactuirng materials and processes, the results are stunning parts, resistant despite its apparent fragility and with an environment-friendly approach!!

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