My work in progress wall.
Reindeer A1 poster
Delicate - Sterculla Monosperma
Asteroid - Nypa Fruticans
Tango - Dillenia Alata
Enlightenment - Echeveria
Crater - Trametes Versicolor
Chandelier - Bryophyllum Tubiflorum
Oriental - Thuja Orientalis


I am Francis Ooi, a Creative Director from Singapore. Also an amateur photographer.

What started out as “I need to fill that wall” a year ago, spiraled into an obsession of everything botanical.
And before I know it, it became a Botanical Portrait Blog and online shop instead.

I have always been fascinated by the shape of dead leaves and intricate flora design.
It helps when my home is at the backyard of one of Singapore’s nature reserve.
On every weekend run, I discover more and more. Soon the run slows down to a walk.
How else would I have spotted those amazing subjects. And soon one thing leads to another.
Instead of filling up my wall, I ended up filling the wall on my blog instead.

Perhaps a lack of focus? Nevertheless, I am excited to share the findings. My work is to document and showcase the beautiful flora at its most simplistic form, by isolating it from the clutter of the forest. Hopefully, my obsession will somehow serve as a source of inspiration to other designers.

I have recently release 10 Limited Edition Prints of 100 copies. Its available at my online shop.

Meanwhile I am still working on my wall and my run. Sort of.

Francis Ooi

Blog: http://whatiseewhenirun.tumblr.com
Online shop: www.whatiseewhenirun.com