Bowoo Guitar Case: Well Designed. Well Built. USA Made.
Bowoo Guitar Case is designed with the protection of a hard case with the portability and flexibility of a gig bag. 1/2 the weight. Designed in New York City. Handcrafted in Vermont. 100% USA Made.

Bio and Story
My name is Reonda and I am a designer and musician in New York City. I’ve always believe in making things really well, so they can last a lifetime and we won’t have to trash things and buy new ones. So I went ahead and created a guitar case that is both well designed, and well built, that is half the weight of a hard case, but with the portability and flexibility of a gig bag. All handcrafted in Vermont and fully made in USA.

We have launched a KickStarter project and it’s featured on Staff’s Picks! Screenshot in case they change the layout, http://i.imgur.com/LnhVmsY.png
Here is the direct link to the project – http://kck.st/XdTeD4

I am including a link to dropbox where we are sharing a few press photos.


Video Embed

I truly look forward to your reply to any suggestion on this.

Thanks in advance for all the help! 🙂

Reonda @ Bowoo NYC