BRCA2 by artist Max Nanis
Sea of A, C, G and Ts
BRCA2 in Sanger Series
BRCA2 Locus
BRCA2 DNA Art Print

Yonder Biology and Max Nanis are embarking on an awareness campaign with our DNA art as the question of gene patents appears in front of the US Supreme Court this spring.

Yonder Biology introduces the Sanger Series genome prints, a collaboration with artist Max Nanis. BRCA2 is the first print offered from our Sanger Series collaboration. Certain variations of the BRCA2 gene increase risk for breast cancer. There is much controversy over this gene because one company has exclusive license of the patents filed for the sequence of BRCA2.

Can human genes be patented?

The Supreme Court will consider this question soon. In the meantime, we offer the BRCA2 sequence in a visually stunning format.