Superstition (front and text)
Superstition (hands and on wall)
Nightfall (front and text)
Nightfall (hands and on wall)
Icebreaker (front and text)
Icebreaker (hands and on wall)
Splinter (front and text)
Splinter (hands and on wall)
Nightfall (shards)

Breaktime is a limited edition timepiece, with a lasercut dial, depicting a shattering array of smithereens at their moment of separation, captured within one piece of material. It is a dynamic and multifaceted design but is subtly arranged, bringing order to the chaos, by confining the fragments within an invisible, straight edged frame. This allows it to be aligned with other elements of its surroundings without losing its distinctive sense of spontaneity. It can also be hung in both landscape and portrait orientations to suit its environment. It has a custom made steel frame which allows for this, provides rigidity, but also ensures the dial floats 20mm from the wall which adds to the sense of both motion and fragility.

It is a project over a year in the making, resulting in 90 carefully crafted limited edition timepieces. The Breaktime timepiece is available in four different, thoughtfully chosen materials – mirrored perspex, black acrylic, birch plywood and white acrylic. Each material has it’s own unique properties and aesthetics giving them each a different character – Superstition, Nightfall, Splinter, and Icebreaker. There are only 20 Superstitions, 20 Icebreakers, 20 Nightfalls and 30 Splinters in existence.