Oli13 Brogue
Brogue and suede
El banco

Hi !!!!

It is Oli13, we hope you are doing well!!! We have created new products based on real stories and we would like to share with you.

We continue with the shoes (E.E.1929 Shoes), new colors, new ones done with suede leather and new ones with a brogue.

The story behing the brogue model begins…….

“Brogues” are shoes decorated with perforated designs; they were invented by Scottish and Irish farmers who made holes in their shoes to dry out the insides. Later when the “Brogue” became popular with the aristocracy, these perforations took on a purely decorative function.
I love the Brogue and since we started designing the E.E.1929 Shoes, shoes in honour of my grandfather Enrique, who was a farmer, I thought I’d return the “Brogue” to its origins adding a splash of colour. To “brogue” the E.E.1929 Shoes we looked for a design that was special to us, something more than the geometric shapes and flowers commonly used, and we decided on the shape of the leaf from our favourite tree, the fig tree.

Thanks, hope you like it!!!!