3GS Emotion alive to you !

Why are people carrying their phone with the fully covered?
Because, they put a lot of money into them, so they want to protect them?
Or they want to express their own style with the covers?
I am quite sure that there are lots of reasons for using the cover. Sadly, with any kinds of reasons, Job’s master piece losing its gorgeous original design.


Recently, many iphone users take their cover off. We can see them easily on the bus or subway.
I am not really sure, it because they want to express their sorrow to Steve.
It looks like people are enjoying the Apple’s original design.

I am the one of them, enjoying Apple’s products.
I’d like to suggest an accessory for those kind of people want to enjoy the originality of Apple’s product. Maybe some people react like ‘What the heck is this?’ or ‘Is it real cover of Iphone?’.

Here is a ‘Bubblepack’.

For the people using Iphone4 but missing previous version’s Grip.
For the Apple’s original design.