Wood Model infront of the existing building

The definition of ‘Thesis’ is a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved. I proposed the question, what possessions define an individual as they search for meaning? This building does not provide the answer to this question, but instead Building X-Y serves as a vehicle for an answer 100 years down the line. Its intent is to show what possessions people value, how those
possessions possibly defined them, and how the various objects not only represent the individual, but the “Spirit of the Time.”

Decided by the parents with approval by the building President, a person will be given a capsule at birth. While they are children, the parents are allowed to, but childhood objects in their assigned capsule. It is encouraged that as early as possible the child starts deciding what goes into their capsule. Additionally, Building X-Y provides a Non-denominational service area for any religious practices to be held. For
instance if you were Catholic you would hold everything from you baptism to your funeral there. Everyone must have their funeral there followed by a precession to the rooftop columbarium in which the person is laid to rest for all of eternity.

Building X-Y’s purpose is to find out how 100 different individuals define the meaning of life and to make as many connections as possible. In conjunction with this idea of giving life meaning, the building will also keep track of other things. For instance it will provide a timeline of history through objects and
technology. As you go up in the years of the rooms, the general appearance of the person’s belongings will reflect the time period in which they live, creating an informative museum-esque environment. This experiment will supply valuable information to future generations for years to come.