Cups glazed in black or white and milk bottle
Inspired in the famous belgian beer, Duvel
The cup is designed and size to fit in the most common coffee machines

`Cafe Belga´ is a coffee set that takes its inspiration in Belgium, where high quality beers are an international icon of the country. Those beers are generally smooth on taste and gentle to the palate.

Its shape is influenced by the most famous beers in Belgium, the Duvel beer. The glass and bottle of this beer are clearly recognized around the world as one the ambassadors of the Belgium brewery culture. These miniatures are composed by a coffee cup and a small bottle for milk. The cup can contains the volume for an espresso, espresso with milk or double espresso shot of coffee. Its height allows the cup to be placed in some of the most common domestic coffee machines.

It is production is made in 3D printed ceramics with fine ceramic powder, which is bound together with a binder, fired, and glaze with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. In addition to being food safe, the material is both recyclable and heat resistant.
Size of the ceramic espresso coffee cup: (70 ml volume / 87mm high / 56mm diameter)
Size of the ceramic milk bottle: (50 ml volume / 87mm high / 44mm diameter)